Mary Scott

Born and raised in Boaz, AL, where she and her husband Brian Scott still live today, Mary is a CCHT at Davita Dialysis and a member at Higher Ground Baptist Church.  She has been a children's Sunday School teacher and assisted in children's ministries. Mary grew up a preacher's daughter. Her parents, Danny and Nancy Ingram, pastored many churches during her young life. Mary is no stranger to grief, losing both her parents at an early age. She would learn the Lord Jesus Christ would stand by her and help her through anything. Standing on God's promise, Mary continues and strives to be a faithful servant for the Lord.  Mary began singing in her teens, yet this shy teenager would blossom into one of the sweetest young Christians you'd ever want to meet. Mary's sweet voice rings the bells of Heaven then makes its way right into your heart!


Crystal Elam

Born and raised in East Ridge Tennessee where I currently live with my husband Lance and three dogs, I knew very early on that I had a love for music and that God had given me a gift to share with the world. After accepting Christ as my Lord and savior I knew I had to sing for him. I met Jim Ricketts who would later become my best friend and singing partner for 9 and a 1/2 years, until the Lord called him home. After Jim's passing I continued to carry on our ministry singing solo for almost 4 years. God has always placed amazing Godly people in my life and he did just that by placing Exodus into my path. Special thanks to Phil Cross for introducing me to this amazing group. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store in the years to come. To God be the glory!


Susan Brady


Born and raised in Gadsden, AL, in a Christian home by parents, Doris and Wayne Wilkerson (Wayne deceased),  Susan is married to Bill Brady and together they have four children, six grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. They own and operate a small flooring company. They are members of Higher Ground Baptist Church. Susan has been a part of many children's ministries ranging from Children's church teacher and leader, all the way down to bus ministry. Susan's mother was the church pianist and Sunday School teacher and with Susan, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. She has been singing and also writing Southern Gospel music for almost thirty years. Five of Susan's songs were debuted on their "I've Been Set Free" project. Susan has a rich, soulful voice and the touch of the Holy Spirit is clearly heard. She continues to write, serve, and sing using the gifts He has given to encourage and minister the grace of our loving Savior.


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